We are a team of experts drawn from all the domains that define, create and improve digital experiences. We like to engage with people to achieve solutions that did not seem possible, and enable businesses to grow and scale sustainably. Now even bigger and better: we've become part of Accenture Song.
We jointly create your tomorrow today.

Our history

Two friends, Amjad Liaquat and Nazareno Avila, had become frustrated with how difficult it was for great digital professionals to deliver great work.

Too often they had seen digital strategies struggle to go live, let alone thrive. They were tired of seeing good ideas stumble into production and get bogged down as the technology, processes, and people were not set up for their perpetual evolution.

They were also tired of seeing the revolutionary passion of professionals steadily deflate due to siloed, top-down organisational models and toxic cultures. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole barrel.

This led them to found Mindcurv as an antidote to these pervasive problems. An expert organisation with an authentic culture that would help both businesses and people r°evolutionise their own, unique journeys.

Our group

Initially, Mindcurv’s journey was largely driven by attracting like-minded professionals, who reinforced our abilities or brought something new into the fold, to propel us forward.

Now we’re also attracting entire organisations that share the same fundamental values when it comes to work and relationships. This is expanding the breadth, depth, and scale of the services and solutions we can offer our clients.

We continuously endeavour to unify our entire organisation across people, processes, and technologies; optimising everything globally based on our clients' and employees' expectations and needs.

mindcurv is now part of Accenture Song. By combining our strengths, we are able to provide our clients with formidable digital commerce experience services.

Our growth

All great tech businesses seem to start in basements. Mindcurv did as well. In Düsseldorf, Germany, with a great founding client in the Netherlands that we still work with closely today and about ten professionals across five nationalities.

From these origins in 2011, some of our key figures today include:

> 700
> 20
Active clients
> 200
Revenues generated through systems we’ve built and/or manage
> €3bn
Worldwide Office locations

Our partners

We love outstanding technology. And we love working with outstanding partners who can combine with us to offer the right solutions to meet our customer's needs. 

Meet our partners