The group

With the combined capabilities of the mindcurv group, we bring the right experts to the table for every project. We solve problems together, drawing on our interdisciplinary skills.

cloud consulting

We digitise and automate your marketing, sales and service operations with salesforce cloud solutions. 


We enable digital acceleration through tailor-made growth and innovation strategies, digital readiness along the customer journey and empowering teams to compete digitally. 


Whether it's customized software, digital portals or e-commerce platforms, we have the right solutions and technologies for your ideas. We develop software based on Qt, .NET, Symfony and e-commerce systems with Spryker, Magento or Shopware to help you achieve your goals.


We build innovative, specialised and practical projects in the field of analytical data processing. Or in other words: Next-generation business intelligence & data solutions.


We establish and operate digital platforms and experiences that enable your perpetual evolution. With the foundation of technology, cloud infrastructure and processes that we lay for you and the managed services that we offer, we empower your sustainable growth and scaling.


We have been developing interactive applications and visuals for brands, products and companies since 1994. We craft creative concepts and lean technical solutions that are easy to access.