Publication Date:June 26th, 2024
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All Composable Interview Series with Dirk Weckerlei and Kelly Goetsch

This series of interviews with experts, such as Kelly Goetsch, is focused on unraveling the mysteries of composable commerce and validating its promises in real-life scenarios. The aim is to assess whether composable commerce delivers on its promises of time-to-value and freedom of choice. The discussion dives deep into the heart of composable architecture, exploring its complexities and possibilities.

All Composable Part 1: The Promise of Accelerators with Kelly Goetsch and Dirk Weckerlei

This is the inaugural episode of #allcomposable, hosted by Dirk Weckerlei, SVP of Composable Solutions at mindcurv. In this episode, Dirk sits down with Kelly Goetsch, Chief Strategy Officer at commercetools, to dive into the world of MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) architecture. Kelly introduces the concept of accelerators, which are precomposed stacks designed to simplify implementation. The discussion explores potential concerns about these accelerators creating new limitations, similar to monolithic systems, and differentiates between accelerators and products. Kelly explains how accelerators can offer tangibility, demoware, and customizability, aiming to validate whether composable commerce lives up to its promises of time-to-value and freedom of choice. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the practicalities of composable architecture.

Key Topics:

  • Introduction to MACH principles
  • The role and purpose of accelerators
  • Concerns about complexity and limitations
  • Differentiating accelerators from products
  • Benefits of tangibility and customisability

All Composable Part 2: Embracing MACH Principles with Kelly Goetsch & Dirk Weckerlei

In the second episode of #allcomposable, Dirk Weckerlei, continues exploring composable commerce. This time, the focus shifts to decomposing and decoupling monolithic systems within the MACH framework. The discussion examines whether accelerators contradict the idea of decomposition and composition, emphasizing the importance of mixing and matching standard and differentiating components to adapt to customer demands.

The concept of mode1 and mode2 applications, as defined by Gartner, is introduced, highlighting their relevance in applying MACH principles. This episode provides valuable insights for organizations looking to modernize their digital architecture without falling into new traps.

Key Topics:

  • Decomposing and decoupling monolithic systems
  • Accelerators within MACH architectures
  • Mixing standard and differentiating components
  • Mode1 and mode2 applications by Gartner
  • Practical insights for modernizing digital architecture

All Composable Part 3: Regional Adoption and Future Trends with Kelly Goetsch & Dirk Weckerlei

In the third episode of #allcomposable, hosted by Dirk Weckerlei, we explore the adoption pace of composable commerce across different regions and predict the evolution of the enterprise commerce landscape. This episode examines the rise of niche solutions, the winners and losers in the transition to MACH-based systems, and how commercetools focuses on product development to stay ahead in this dynamic environment. The discussion provides a forward-looking perspective on how composable commerce will become a standard in the industry, highlighting the importance of adaptability and innovation.

Key Topics:

  • Adoption pace of composable commerce by region
  • Predictions for the enterprise commerce landscape
  • Niche solutions and market dynamics
  • commercetools' focus on product development
  • Future trends in composable commerce
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