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Publication Date:November 8th, 2022
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Vincent de JongVincent de Jong

Lünendonk ranks mindcurv group as Challenger in DXS

The prominent market analyst, Lünendonk, recognizes mindcurv group as one of  Germany’s leading providers of Digital Experience Services. Based on an analysis of the breadth and depth of mindcurv group’s portfolio of Digital Experience Services, as well as an assessment of its relevance to the market in terms of focus, size, and competitive recognition, Lünendonk’s analysts rank mindcurv group as one of the new, up-and-coming “Challengers” in the Digital Experience Services market in Germany.

Why does this matter?

For mindcurv group, this ranking underscores five points, namely:

  1. Digitalisation is different – Successful, sustainable digital transformation requires a different service provider category. Traditional IT consulting/system integrators do not have the holistic mindset and, therefore, the cross-functional skills necessary to make the digital customer experience of complex business processes simple and engaging. Lünendonk highlights this fact with its separate Digital Experience Services ranking, which is distinct from its traditional IT Consulting & System Integration Companies list.
  2. Clients – The mindcurv group has always known the breadth and depth of skills required to “do digital right”. Our placement on the ranking reinforces our ability to do this for our clients on a larger scale.
  3. Talent – Along with the trusted relationships we establish with our clients, mindcurv group’s key asset is the team of authentic professionals that choose to work with us. Lünendonk’s ranking affirms the continued growth path the mindcurv group is on. This correlates directly to the increasing career growth opportunities talent can enjoy across the entire mindcurv group.
  4. Partners – mindcurv group consistently partners with the best-of-breed technology partners. The Lünendonk ranking attests to the ever-increasing reach we can offer our partners in bringing their solutions to leading companies in Germany.
  5. Mindcurv group’s strategy – In order to “do digital right,” Mindcurv always formed cross-functional teams of digitalisation strategists, experience designers, front-end developers, back-end integration specialists, operation & scaling engineers, and data & insights specialists. The acquisitions of eccelerate, wysiwyg, igniti, cloud consulting group, and initions have helped deepen and strengthen mindcurv group’s digital experience service capabilities, confirmed by our placement on Lünendonk’s ranking. This confirms that mindcurv group’s strategy is valid and is increasingly noticed by competitors such as Accenture Song, Deloitte Digital, Diva-e, etc.


To learn more about the Digital Experience Services market in Germany, download Lünendonk’s current analysis (german version).


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