Publication Date:December 6th, 2022
Reading Time:2 min
Vincent de JongVincent de Jong

Press Release: Mindcurv re-brands to the mindcurv group; extends its Offering across the Full Digital Lifecycle. 

The mindcurv group includes Cloud Consulting Group, igniti GmbH, wysiwyg*, initions GmbH, eccelerate GmbH and Valearis


Mindcurv, the new-generation digital architect and commerce experience provider, announces its re-branding to the mindcurv group. The group delivers end-to-end digital transformation services and creates demand-driven customer experiences using intelligent digital products and platforms. The group’s offerings are encapsulated in their tagline ‘r°evolutionise your digital’. 

Eccelerate brings the group digital growth and strategic innovation expertise. initions are experts at business intelligence, data solutions, data strategy, governance and integration. Cloud Consulting Group brings added expertise in digitalising marketing, sales and service operations through Salesforce. Igniti has deep knowledge of infrastructure and performance improvement, cross-platform development using C++ and the Qt framework, PHP, Shopware, Magento 2, Spryker and more. wysiwyg is all about experience design and customisable platforms, with an impressive portfolio of projects for global brands. 

In 2022, Mindcurv was named the fastest-growing digital transformation service provider in Germany by BVDW and was placed 12th overall on the iBusiness internet agency rankings. They were also named the commercetools accelerator of the year for 2022. The mindcurv group is currently ranked as a ‘Challenger’ on Lünendonk’s Digital Experience Service provider rankings. 

The mindcurv group seeks to engage and enable clients and their own members and boasts more than 20 nationalities, 11 worldwide office locations and more than 200 active clients. The group prides itself on maintaining a high team retention rate across all locations, supported directly by a clear focus on providing a memorable workplace experience.

About the mindcurv group

The mindcurv group is a full-service digital agency that helps design and implement scalable digital platforms and cloud infrastructures for global clients. We r°evolutionise how leading businesses interact with their customers end-to-end through strategy consulting and e-commerce across the full experience lifecycle, enabling design for conversion and empowering decision-makers through Business Intelligence and AI.