Publication Date:October 12th, 2023
Reading Time:2 min
Markus TillmannMarkus Tillmann

The 5 A’s

We spend much time with each other at work. When you choose to join a company, you choose to join a group of people who are really good at doing things that you like to do too, but also share the same values as you while doing these.

At mindcurv, we apply what we call the 5 A’s when considering candidates to join us.

We write the 5 A’s in this way:
Attitude > Aptitude > Adaptability > Ability /= A$$e

It all starts with people having a good, positive, and healthy Attitude toward people.
This is foundational.

Aptitude comes next. How interested is someone in learning new things, and how quickly do they understand things?

Then comes Adaptability. We are in a business where change is evermore frequent. While we expect people to build up deeper and broader expertise in their discipline with their aptitude, increasingly, today’s in-demand technologies or methodologies will become less relevant tomorrow. This means people must be willing to reinvent their skills, thinking, and even roles.

Only then do we look at a person’s current Ability. We believe that if someone has the right attitude, a strong aptitude, and an eagerness to adapt, their current abilities are the least relevant since they can and will pick up new things and grow fast.

This brings us to the last A. It only takes one rotten apple to spoil a barrel. No matter how skilled or experienced someone is, if their ego gets in their way and they act like an A$$ toward others, they don’t fit at mindcurv.