Publication Date:November 15th, 2023
Reading Time:1 min
André Paul HenkelAndré Paul Henkel

The future of data migration for retailers

Successfully migrating one of Europe's largest Teradata databases to the cloud is no small undertaking. To meet the challenges of the modern retail business, our client needed a solution that would increase flexibility and scalability, but keep costs reasonable.

In our report, "Enterprise Data Migration – Challenges and Solutions with Snowflake," we reveal the technical steps and best practices that led to timely data migration. Read how initions used the lift & shift approach to achieve a seamless migration. Learn more about custom authorisation concepts, test automation, and cost transparency in Snowflake.

The future of data migration for retailers – schematic diagram

Download the full report and dive into the world of successful enterprise data migration. Your solution for data-driven retail is just a click away. 

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