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Publication Date:April 7th, 2022
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Amjad LiaquatAmjad Liaquat

Why Creating a Memorable Workspace was, and Still is, My One Goal

Since its start about 10 years ago, Mindcurv has developed into a company with 640 employees around the world and has built up a successful network in the digital service sector with the mindcurv group.

This was not possible without a good workplace atmosphere, a great team and satisfied customers. Co-founder Amjad Liaquat measures the current and future success of the company by these three parameters.

Nazareno and I started Mindcurv with a handful of people from our network back in 2011. Now we’re 640+ growing fast. We acquired five companies over the last year to form the mindcurv group, and we’re constantly evolving. So yes, by many measures, we’re pretty successful.

Despite the company’s growth, I’ve measured success for by three things:

  • How well are we doing as a team?
  • How well do our team members feel working at mindcurv group?
  • How happy are our customers?

I’m grateful and thrilled that our team members’ feedback stands out remarkably. Our customers keep giving off-the-scale ratings in net promoter score surveys (NPS). The positivity I hear from team members time and again is, for me, the most significant measure of our success. 

We have excellent tenure within the team, and approximately 50 % of the people here in the first two years are still with us. 

Our first customer is still with us, which also says a great deal.

So, looking back, we just wanted to build a company where we are happy to work. The best place for our team members to develop their careers.

We believed that if we did that, success would follow. And you know what, it did.

We are celebrating our 11th year with a fantastic team based in Germany, Spain, The Netherlands and India. Let me share my learnings and experiences and extend my gratitude to everyone on the journey with me.

What’s a Memorable Workspace?

A “memorable workspace” is a vague term and can mean very different things. To me, calling a place memorable means a company culture that delivers:

  • A harmonious team environment focused on solving complex and challenging problems for our clients with leading-edge technology solutions
  • Being able to plan and execute ambitious career development goals
  • A team member experience with the best possible tools and the most efficient processes

Making Impact

Work is important to me. If you know me, you know I don’t just love what I do; I can even get a bit obsessed here and there. I want to create an impact for the customers we work with. And I want to do it with the most intelligent people. Not the ones who just work hard, but more importantly, those who enjoy bettering themselves and helping others do the same while delivering projects. The interaction in the team while figuring out the best solution, the journey of every project, and relying on each other because we know that the team is smarter than the individual; it all fuels our passion.

Delivering a project in full, getting it past the finish line as a team, the camaraderie these moments bring is etched in our memories. And day-to-day, I find it just as memorable and enjoyable when we, as a team, crack a seemingly impossible problem for a customer. It is memorable when people work at the same rhythm while creating impact.

The wind in our backs

Before Naz and I started Mindcurv, we worked at corporates and smaller companies and did our fair share of freelancing. Both had their pros and cons.

 We liked the large projects we ran at corporates but couldn’t stand things like ‘waiting for local IT to configure our laptop’. We enjoyed the agility of freelancing but wanted to be part of something bigger. Neither of these was ideal.

 Naz and I had our own pace and a similar approach to projects and people. We wanted to see if we could create a place to stimulate our strengths and that of people like us. We wanted a culture that empowered, that was the wind at the back of the tech people. No wonder we always make sure we have top-notch hardware and software.

Like-minded People

When we founded Mindcurv, we wanted to create a great workplace. To start the ideal professional refuge for people like us to accomplish awesome things.

 We had dreams — at the time, they were still small. For these to truly happen, we needed people with the same attitude and drive. They had to buy into the dream. The social and cultural side was crucial to us. We had to work well together. Skills were essential. We needed people to spar with and with different skills for the team to learn from each other and become better together.

 Our team members had to do a bit of everything in the early days, as in any startup. We looked for people who excelled at thinking strategy and could carve out the excruciating details of implementation. We looked for developers who truly wanted to be part of a project from the start to work on ideas, planning, and future direction. In a way, this made us own our projects from start to finish. The approach created a breed of people who could do a lot and love it all. I am grateful for this part.

 We hired many people of this rare kind and created a culture where people truly enjoyed being part of it. And facilitating people’s involvement somehow grew into actively advancing each other’s personal growth instead of focusing on individual success. This made us a solid team.

Our Own Set of Principles

We don’t use the term employee. We refer to our people as team members or members for short because we’re all part of the same team. This team runs by principles, never rules (besides practical ones, like: “Please put your cup in the dishwasher”). They just make sense to us.

  • The 5 A’s – We value Attitude, Aptitude, and Adaptability over Ability. If someone has the first two, the latter can be developed quickly. We don’t value a$$h*les, no matter how skilled.
  • Simplicity – We are ‘less is more- thinkers’. We are always looking for the most simple and viable solution, taking out complexity. We want to find simple solutions to complex problems.
  • Pragmatism – We prefer getting things done over creating wordy plans and slide decks. We talk little and do much.
  • Sustainability – We aim for long-term relationships and success for our customers, our company, and every one of our people.
  • Humility – Being humble does not mean thinking less of yourself; It’s thinking of yourself less, putting the team and ideas over ego.
  • Aspiration – Details matter. A lot. Our analysis and advice need to be spot on. Our code is accurate. And our managed services are flawless. With this in mind we look to optimise the quality we deliver.
  • Introspection – We want to continuously examine our thought processes, beliefs, and actions and be open to the feedback we receive. We only provide constructive feedback. Mistakes are a learning opportunity.

Keeping the Flow Going

When I see what a great place we’ve built in the past 10 years, I know we did quite a few things right: we created the best workplace for people like us.

We will keep building a memorable workspace, as is indicated by our Glassdoor reviews.

If this sounds like something, you’d want to be part of, please always feel free to reach out and/or check our Job Openings.

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