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Databricks overview

Databricks is a cloud-based data analytics platform that provides a fully managed and scalable solution for processing and analyzing large volumes of data. Some of its standout features include:

  • A Unified Analytics Framework that integrates data processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in one platform.
  • Support for various programming languages and frameworks such as Python, R, SQL, and Scala.
  • Automated cluster management for optimized resource utilization and performance.
  • Collaboration features that allow teams to work together on projects and share insights.
  • Integration with popular data sources and stores such as data lakes and data warehouses.
  • Advanced security features to protect sensitive data and comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Scalable and elastic architecture that enables quick adaptation to changing requirements and efficient resource utilization.
  • Support for real-time data processing and streaming analytics.

With these features, Databricks offers a powerful platform for businesses to make data-driven decisions and conduct innovative data analysis.

The mindcurv is working with Databricks to leverage the power of advanced analytics and the added value of using enterprise-wide lakehouses.

Our Partnership with Databricks

Partner Level
First and only Elite Services Partner in Germany
"Top Regional Partner" in the DACH Region in 2019

How we jointly impact key outcomes for our customers

Databricks' powerful data management and analytics combined with our expertise makes it easy for organizations to process and perform advanced analytics on unstructured and semi-structured data. 

We aim to support Databricks customers from a wide range of industries in their projects. One of our core competencies is the interaction between SAP (source) systems and a Databricks Lakehouse architecture. In addition to SAP standard tools and the most common third-party solutions (such as Fivetran, dbt, Coalesce and others), we also use our own data integration concept called "Direct Data Extraction". This provides us with a sufficiently wide range of solutions from which we can select the most suitable one for each customer.

In addition, our Microsoft partnership over the past two decades helps us to solve the necessary infrastructure tasks in a Lakehouse architecture on Microsoft Azure in the best possible way.

In addition, both MLOps and the use of data security in highly scalable data intelligence platforms are among our areas of specialization, in which we have numerous references.

Key projects

  • We support the Bauer Media Group, Hapag-Lloyd and Fraport AG in their Databricks initiatives and help them pave the way to Next Gen Business Intelligence by using the Data Intelligence platform. 
  • Our long-standing customer Vattenfall has already shared success stories and publicly talked about their joint engagement in the Hydro project at Big Data Minds in fall 2022.
  • Our best-known Databricks customers include SPIEGEL Verlag, Heidelberg Materials, GEMA, EDEKA, RWE, Vorwerk, Viessmann and Bayer AG, among others.


Work – projects we are proud of


Process Discovery:
AI and Dashboard

An improved forecasting model for shift scheduling – a solution with a robust data model and a powerful dashboard.

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