Perfection creates luxury

The unique moment, perfectly prepared

‘1-Second-Wow’ - that is the credo of the BRABUS brand. The unique moment, the experience that immediately impresses. It takes a lot of work to work towards that one second. Long, detailed, perfectionist work.

wysiwyg has embarked on the path of digitalisation with BRABUS. Since 2017, we have been working hard together, focussed on detail and results-oriented.


Excellently orchestrated

The first step: - the website of the global luxury brand for cars, boats, fashion and more. Behind the scenes, the development of a modern CMS, a product information system that brings together all products with media data digitised in one place for the first time and the connection to various external systems.

Based on this, we created a closed media portal in which media professionals discover product innovations first and can use media of all kinds.

The digitalisation of the sales channel started with a dealer portal, which we have now expanded into a lead management tool for dealers in the third expansion stage.

At the same time, we took the step into digital commerce. Customers can buy tuning products online for the first time, with a shop system based on Shopware 6 working in the background with the ERP based on D365 Dynamics and SugarCRM.


The journey continues

Excellent results of this kind can only be achieved in the long term as a team. The BRABUS digital team and wysiwyg are moving forward together in a closely meshed, agile and, above all, trusting manner.

New challenges like the global roll-out of digital commerce, complete digitalisation of the customer journey and the ongoing development of the BRABUS brand on its digital journey point the way to the future.

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Florian Breiter