Disrupting an industry

Foodl is the Netherland's first B2B Food Services Marketplace 


The Need for a Better B2B Customer Journey

A truly personalised customer journey has never existed in the Food services space in the Netherlands. Suppliers had no data to improve their services; Food entrepreneurs couldn't discuss pricing and fulfillment with their suppliers; The minimum order quantity for delivery was usually too costly for small businesses; and order fulfillment via trucks was highly inefficient. Foodl and Mindcurv together set out to rapidly r/evolutionise this B2B customer journey. 


Identifying Opportunities and Unlocking them with Composable Commerce

A business strategy and a new operating model were the first order of business. We spent time understanding the ideal customer and partner experiences and mapping out user journeys. We identified the most pressing needs - exceptional user experiences on multiple devices, connectivity to a wide range of touchpoints, and unlimited scalability. We recommended a composable digital platform for Foodl with MACH technologies. 


Bridging the Customer Journey with MACH

Mindcurv and Foodl together designed and built The Netherlands' first open food marketplace with transparent pricing. The platform addressed important issues in the existing customer journey - suppliers and customers could communicate directly and suppliers could effectively manage their products, inventory, and pricing and offer different delivery options. MACH technologies reduced the total cost of ownership and enhanced the speed of Foodl's operations. 

»We want to give HORECA professionals the same user experience as if they were shopping as a consumer. And this sounds easy if you say it like this, but you have to think of and build everything. Mindcurv helps us in a great way by thinking outside the box.« 
GABY WESTDORP, Founder, Foodl 

Facts & Figures

Launched in early 2020, Foodl has become the poster child for how F&B and technology can be brought together in Europe. This model of ubiquitous commerce is geared towards future integration, and enables scaling, partnerships and streamlined communication. 

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