Reducing costs with AWS Cloud

How Nikon Europe Reduced Platform Costs by 35% by Moving to AWS Cloud 


SAP Hybris Approaching End-of-Life put Nikon in a Pickle

Nikon is one of the world's leading suppliers of products and solutions based on optoelectronics and precision technologies. Its e-commerce platform serves 21 countries in Europe and takes care of real-time shipment tracking, order management, etc. for B2B and product purchasing, review, and after-sales support for B2C. With SAP Hybris support coming to an end and the skyrocketing costs of on-premise infrastructure, Nikon began to look for better options. 


The Opportunity to Modernise and Save Costs

Nikon was spending a large proportion of its IT budget on its Oracle database license and data center upkeep. The on-premise setup had its own set of challenges - no scalability on demand, poor performance, reliability issues, and maintenance bottlenecks. Migrating the platform from on-premise SAP Hybris to the AWS Cloud would minimise the overall infrastructure cost. Additionally, it would create reusable assets for future re-platforming and allow for simpler integration of external services. 


A Lift and Reshape with the AWS Cloud

AWS Cloud has a global footprint, high availability, a pay-as-you-use model, demand-based auto-scaling, and elastic load balancing. This made AWS Cloud a great choice for Nikon's Business-Critical workloads. Mindcurv's 'Lift and Reshape' followed the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP). This included using the fully managed Amazon RDS service to set up, operate, and scale the Oracle deployments, moving high-value applications into individually scalable persistence stores, automating CI/CD pipelines, and deploying infrastructure as code. We also introduced new SaaS solutions for monitoring and logging, providing simple access for data analytics.

»Our new AWS cloud-based digital platform is more reliable and scalable and will be key to our future growth. It has already proven to be cost-effective and has helped us become more agile and flexible.«
Karzan Fatah, Technical Lead, Nikon Europe BV 

A Modern Platform Geared for Growth

The new platform has already saved 35% in costs for Nikon, with its better resource usage, analytics, and flexibility. The platform’s reliability and scalability were immediately improved, and application response time was reduced. We are continuing to evolve the platform on both application and infrastructure levels, and further cost optimisation activities are in the works.

Nazareno AvilaChief Operating Officer mindcurv, Essen+49 (0)201 99986 30

Nazareno Avila