Live-Shopping Mobile App for Edeka Dütmann

Dütmann Gartmann GmbH was looking for new ways to offer improved digital shopping experience and services to its customers.


Flexible Shopping with a Live-Shopping App

The family-owned company Dütmann Gartmann GmbH is commercially successful with several supermarket branches. igniti, a mindcurv group company, was brought in to develop a mobile and modern online retail shopping experience for customers. The goal was to create an alternative shopping option that would allow customers and app users to shop flexibly and from any location.


Qt 6 as the basis for mobile app development

We used the Qt framework for the implementation of the live shopping app. We carried out a basic system design for the entire software implementation, followed by planning and setting up the necessary software infrastructure. We used Jitsi Meet and the Springboot framework to integrate video features and reduce complexity in new configurations.

We developed an optimised front end on Qt's own programming language QML. Two different views were designed and realised for the user interface: one for the customers who make their purchases via the app and another for the sales staff to process the corresponding customer enquiries.


Modernising market visit with mobile

Our intention was to provide a solution that enabled a wholesome shopping experience to end users. The mobile app provides users with personalised support for shopping, along with additional service functions. There are features for video communication with a queue, supplier selection, and shopping lists. Additionally, a management tool for creating new suppliers and user administration has also been provided.

There is also an opton to recieve direct sales advice. Customers do not have to click their way through the entire shop themselves, but can get assistance from sales staff. This provides customers with the same experince they get when shopping on-site.


A new way to shop

  • Development of a mobile app as an alternative digital channel of sale
  • User-friendly application with intuitive operating options
  • Clear presentation of sales areas within the app
  • Interactive user interface with simple navigation options
  • Implementation of a shopping basket for processing customer orders

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