Navigating modern e‑commerce for Franka Emika


A digital hub to connect robots, partners and customers

Franka Emika, a pioneer in the robotics industry, wanted to provide its customers with an e-commerce and robot control management platform. 

The challenge for Franka Emika's customers was efficiently handling their robot fleets and IoT devices while accessing a user-friendly e-commerce platform. They sought a solution that streamlined the management of robot operations, facilitated remote control, and provided a marketplace for exploring apps and products.

To answer their customers’ needs, Franka Emika set out to create a digital hub – the ‘Franka World” – that connected robots, partners, and customers. The goal was to enable customers to manage their entire robot fleets and IoT devices through an online interface and purchase services and products.

They chose mindcurv as their technology partner to architect, develop and operate a modern commerce solution with a long-term perspective.


Our process-driven approach

Stage 1 was devoted to ‘Requirements Engineering’ – gathering and analysing the comprehensive requirements for the platform. This laid the foundation for understanding the needs and expectations of both Franka Emika and its customers, ensuring that the solution aligns with their objectives.

Stage 2 was all about refining the platform strategy. With a focus on user experience and design, our team worked closely with Franka Emika to create workflows and user interfaces.

Stage 3 was designing, implementing and evolving the IoT platform along with the e-commerce solution. This included building a robust IoT platform as a service bus for Franka Emika's robot products, enabling seamless connectivity and control. Additionally, mindcurv developed a modern e-commerce solution with marketplace capabilities that catered to the specific needs of Franka Emika's customers. A community feature was also enabled to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among clients, fostering a sense of belonging and support.


An IoT platform, marketplace capabilities and community building

The collaboration between Franka Emika and mindcurv yielded a transactional IoT platform with marketplace capabilities. Customers could seamlessly manage their robot fleets and IoT devices, accessing real-time insights and improving their operational efficiency.

The e-commerce solution provided a hassle-free shopping experience for customers. With a wide range of products and services available, customers could easily make informed decisions and complete transactions.

The integrated community feature fostered a sense of belonging among Franka Emika's customers. It has become a hub for knowledge exchange, where users share experiences, best practices, and innovative ideas.


Strategic technology choices

To achieve the ambitious goals of Franka World, Mindcurv made strategic technology choices, including:

  • MACH architecture for flexibility and agility, enabling seamless integration and scalability
  • AWS Cloud and IoT Services to ensure global availability, scalability and reliability
  • commercetools was chosen for its compatibility with Franka Emika's existing software architecture and ability to deliver customised e-commerce capabilities
  • Vue Storefront for creating intuitive and responsive user interfaces, enhancing the overall customer experience
  • Integration with SAP ERP

Markus TillmannChief Commercial Officermindcurv group, Essen+49 (0) 201 99986 30

Markus Tillmann