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Publication Date:June 24th, 2024
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Oliver KeinertOliver Keinert

The end of Shopware 5 support is near – time to act 

In e-commerce, it's crucial to keep up with current developments to stay competitive and ensure a secure environment for your online store. This is especially challenging for store operators using Shopware, as support and development for Shopware 5 will cease in July 2024. The associated risks impact the entire system landscape, from database structure to connected plugins and payment providers. Given the impending end of support for Shopware 5, action is required.

In this post, we will closely examine the implications of Shopware 5's end-of-life (EOL), discuss migration options, and highlight key aspects of a shop migration. We will specifically focus on the benefits and potentials of migration and explore the possibility of strategically realigning the entire digital business. Our migration checklist to Shopware 6 offers an overview of all migration processes for those interested.

What does the Shopware 5 end-of-support mean for your online shop?

Shopware 5 will be supported until July 2024, but no new features will be developed or released during this time. With the Shopware 5 EOL, the provider will no longer provide updates, security patches, or bug fixes. This means that the software's functionality will not be further expanded and may not keep up with the latest technological developments, which can lead to security vulnerabilities.

No official support after Shopware 5 End-of-Life

After the EOL date, no official support will be offered. Customers will no longer receive assistance with problems, questions, or technical errors, which can lead to longer response times for security issues and dependence on third-party providers.

Emerging risks due to the end of Shopware 5 support

Although Shopware 5 can continue to be used after the support ends, Shopware customers should consider that they will face potential risks and limitations in the long term. Without regular updates and security patches, risks increase as known security gaps or vulnerabilities are no longer fixed. Non-compliance with current security standards no longer ensures protection against possible threats, allowing hackers and attackers to exploit these vulnerabilities.

Therefore, new tools and services will likely be incompatible with Shopware 5. Many developers will stop updating and extending their plugins for an outdated shop system, risking plugins becoming unusable if the necessary interfaces to Shopware 5 are shut down.

This can lead to complex compatibility issues and functionality failures, such as the failure of implemented payment methods in the online shop, as payment providers will also stop updating their plugins for Shopware 5. Additionally, there may be compatibility issues with other systems or technologies if Shopware 5 is no longer updated. Updates to servers, databases, or other components could result in your Shopware 5 shop no longer functioning properly.

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How can your company actively use the opportunities at the Shopware 5 EOL?

With Shopware 5 support ending, there are several options for your business and, most importantly, potentials for future strategy. Read about 3 options you can choose as a Shopware user.

Migration to Shopware 6

Shopware has already established Shopware 6 as the successor to Shopware 5 both technologically and in the market. With Shopware 6, all online shop operators can access a future-proof and scalable technology that impresses with extensive and intuitive out-of-the-box functionalities. With the innovative Shopware 6 Shopping Experiences, you simplify your entire workflow and shop management. Creating and managing content becomes faster, easier, more comprehensive, and more user-friendly. Thanks to Shopware 6's API-first approach, seamless and efficient management of all shop functionalities is enabled through intuitive interfaces. This avoids complicated click paths in management and makes maintaining your content in the Shopping Experiences easier.

If you migrate to the new version of Shopware, migration tools from version 5 to 6 support the transition.

Switch of e-commerce technology

With the upcoming end-of-life of Shopware 5, you can rethink your e-commerce technology and take your online business to a new level. The costs and effort of migrating to Shopware 6 or another solution are comparable. Analyse your target audience and their needs carefully, e.g., whether you align your e-commerce with B2C or B2B, to optimise your online shop. A new e-commerce system should offer a user-friendly shopping cart, various payment methods, personalised recommendations, and efficient order and delivery management. Consider future expansions and choose a flexible system that can integrate these seamlessly to support your strategic goals and make business processes more efficient.

For migration and suitable headless commerce platforms, you can consider technology providers like Spryker, Magento, or commercetools.

Staying on Shopware 5 

Although it is not recommended, you can continue to use Shopware 5. However, consider the risks of the lack of official support and security updates. Ensure you take additional security measures to protect your system. Safefive, for example, takes over commercial support for Shopware 5 and provides further security updates after the EOL date.

These are your options as Shopware 5 end-of-support draws near:

  • Migration from Shopware 5 to 6
  • Switch of E-Commerce Technology
  • Staying on Shopware-5 Technology
Shopware 5 end of life

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We have the right guide for your Shopware 5 migration

The Shopware 5 migration involves effort and requires resources. Therefore, early planning of the migration project is important. Use our checklist to get an overview of all important migration processes. Transferring shop data requires care to ensure a seamless transition. Experienced developers or an agency can help ensure a smooth process.

We support and advise you on the Shopware 5 migration

As mindcurv, part of Accenture Song, we accompany shop migration projects with comprehensive support and resources. The key to a successful and timely migration is our initial consulting phase. In this phase, we gain a detailed understanding of your current shop, identify your requirements and goals, and create a tailored migration plan. A thorough audit ensures that all aspects of your migration are considered.

We value transparent communication and realistic time and cost estimates. Our careful preparation and goal setting are crucial for the success of your project. This ensures high visibility and maximum user and product experience in your online shop. The preliminary consultation offers a clear roadmap for the first steps and is the safest way to a successful migration that supports the optimal growth of your business.

Conclusion and recommendation

The end-of-life of Shopware 5 marks a milestone. It is essential to understand the advantages and necessity of migration. Switching to a supported software version ensures your online shop's security, functionality, and future-proofing. The end of Shopware 5 support is imminent, so start planning now and contact our experienced developers and Shopware experts. We work with you to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

The migration from Shopware 5 offers many opportunities to optimise your online shop, improve customer satisfaction, and differentiate yourself in the market. Use the potential of migration to rethink your existing processes and create new competitive advantages.

Concerned about the future of your Shopware 5 platform? Contact the mindcurv Shopware experts at kontakt@igniti.de to clarify any questions and learn more about your options.

Shopware 5 end of life

Download our Shopware 6
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