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Pioneering design and development of user-centric software solutions

Qt Group overview

The Qt Group is responsible for the Qt application framework, a cross-platform toolkit that allows developers to create applications that run on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Qt provides a powerful framework for creating modern and responsive software solutions that are flexible, agile, and customer-oriented.

We jointly impact key outcomes for our customers

We design and develop software solutions that are tailored to specific devices and machines operated by qualified professionals. Our team, comprising skilled Qt developers and UX designers, works hand in hand with the objective of optimally integrating your software solution into your digital processes. We create modular and scalable solutions with Qt for embedded systems. For this, we draw on our extensive experience in conceptualising and developing software and app solutions for various devices using Qt technology.

Our expertise extends to r°evolutionising e-commerce through Qt, linking Qt applications to create a seamless and innovative digital shopping experience. We are well-positioned to cater to use-cases in IoT, smart services, and intelligent, connected solutions, with our know-how in data and process automation. Our collaboration follows TÜV and ISTQB standards, ensuring rigorous software testing and quality control.

Qt's cross-platform capabilities align perfectly with the mindcurv's approach to building digital ecosystems for physical and hybrid products. Together, we r°evolutionise how products and software interact in the digital landscape, offering a comprehensive suite of services from concept to deployment, ensuring that every aspect of your digital transformation is covered with the highest quality and innovation standards.

Key projects

At mindcurv, we have the capability to cater to everything from high technology solutions to end-customer applications through our expertise in Qt. We have successfully implemented several customer projects, demonstrating our versatility and technical prowess.

  • With our proprietary Qt Commerce Connector, we are r°evolutionising our clients' e-commerce platforms and seamlessly integrating Qt applications with e-commerce systems. This connector offers full access to vital e-commerce system features directly within Qt applications. It integrates effortlessly into Qt applications across various platforms such as desktops and embedded systems. Our solutions have enabled a wide range of applications, such as creating an innovative sales channel for modern coffee machines with touch displays or enhancing efficiency and supply management for medical device manufacturers.
  • One of our key projects involved developing a live-shopping mobile app for the grocery retail sector. This app provides customers with a safe and flexible alternative to in-person shopping. Qt was chosen as the foundational technology for implementing the mobile app and its integrated live-shopping feature. The project commenced with a comprehensive system design for the software, followed by planning and setting up the necessary software infrastructure.
  • As a provider of digital solutions, we offer tailored software development services in the semiconductor industry. Our focus is on delivering specialised software that enhances error detection and efficiency in microchip production. With a deep understanding of the industry-specific challenges and using C# as our primary programming language, we develop precise solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. We provide the flexibility to expand existing systems and deliver the exact development resources needed for each project.
  • We have provided software development services for intuitive user interfaces in medical devices, as well as standalone web applications that complement medical technology. In collaboration with a leading global medical technology provider, we have successfully implemented functional application software in the medical field, showcasing our ability to deliver high-quality, specialised software solutions.



mindcurv is one of the selected Qt Service Partners in Germany. This status enables us to offer a broad spectrum of services that go beyond classic consulting and also includes the development of specific software development. 

We have supported successful customer projects in various areas, including customers in the retail and automotive sectors. In our role as Qt Consultants, we have been able to support the design of future-ready software and service architectures, as well as actively working with our customers to develop customised software solutions.

Our customers benefit directly from our close relationship with Qt, through which we can guarantee rapid clarification and comprehensive support. The direct and regular interactions enables us to address customer enquiries quickly and efficiently. Qt's involvement in partner projects offers additional support with technical questions, the selection of suitable software or licensing issues.

More r°evolution?

Of course there is much more! You’re very welcome to take a look at what else we have r°evolutionized:


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