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Enabling data-driven innovation and cloud-native data solutions for businesses with Snowflake

Snowflake overview

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform that provides a fully managed and scalable solution for storing and analysing large volumes of data. Some of its stand-out features include:

  • Data-warehousing capabilities
  • Multi-cluster shared data architecture
  • Separation of storage and compute
  • Concurrent high-performance analytics
  • Security and compliance features
  • BI tools integration
  • SQL support
  • and more

The mindcurv collaborates with Snowflake to harness the power of cloud-based analytics and drive holistic digital r°evolution

Our Partnership with Snowflake

Partnership Tier
Elite Services Partner since 2019
Partner of the Year 2020, EMEA
Partner of the Year 2023, Germany
Snowflake Data Superhero 2023
Tobias Krüger
The first and only SI in DACH

We jointly impact key outcomes for our customers

Snowflake’s powerful data management and analytics combined with our expertise makes it easy for organisations to store, manage and analyse large datasets, and scale compute resources to optimise performance and costs. Our team regularly uses Snowpark, a Snowflake programming environment that enables data to be processed and analysed directly in the Snowflake platform. It provides an easy way to perform data manipulation, transformation, and analysis through native Snowflake functions and libraries in various programming languages, such as Java, Python and Scala.

Our team’s expertise spans enabling collaborative analytics and insights, strong security practices, ensuring compliance, integration with 3rd party tools and platforms for reporting and analysis, SQL support and more. 


We strategically integrate Snowflake’s cloud solutions into our offerings for long-term value for our customers:

  • Cloud-native data warehousing for scalable and efficient data storage and analysis
  • Actionable insights and driving informed decision-making
  • Integrating Snowflake's analytics capabilities into digital experiences platforms for enhanced user interactions and data-driven functionalities
  • Design, develop and manage scalable and secure data solutions
  • Advanced analytics, AI and ML applications

In 2022, the Schwarz Group was awarded the Snowflake "Data Driver of the Year" award. The reason for this was the successful migration of a Teradata appliance to Snowflake Data Cloud and the related transformation to the cloud.

This and numerous other modernisation and legacy migration projects, such as the replacement of Oracle, SQL data warehouses and EXASOL appliances, have made the mindcurv group one of only 10 service providers worldwide to be part of the Snowflake Migration Accelerated Partner Program.

Working with accelerators

Through the various and sometimes highly complex Snowflake projects in recent years, the mindcurv has met the requirements for development, production and operation with a framework developed in-house. With "Ace Deploy", we are able to make even large data architectures in the Snowflake universe release-safe, ensure stable development deployment across multiple instances and intelligently support versioning in hybrid development teams. In this way, both greenfield projects and migrations of large data warehouse installations can be successfully realised in the shortest possible time with consistently high quality.


Another core competence of the mindcurv is the balancing of SAP and Snowflake. The vast majority of large and enterprise companies in the DACH region and in EMEA use SAP solutions in various application areas. As a certified SAP partner, we have specialised in connecting parts of platforms that continue to stay in SAP to other data segments that are migrated quickly and securely to a Snowflake data platform. This involves integration tools based on SAP and third-party solutions.

Key projects

Our typical projects types include: 

  • Development of an initial Snowflake architecture to test and operate selected use cases in the cloud
  • Hybrid data platform with Snowflake Data Cloud
  • Complex migration projects from legacy systems and on-prem technologies and the transformation to the cloud
  • Marketplace approaches and data sharing
  • Data democratisation and operation of high-end advanced analytics with Snowpark, build a functioning data mesh architecture.

In all these fields, the mindcurv supports well-known and big-name customers such as Bayer, Douglas, Hapag-Lloyd, OBI, REWE, tesa, Vattenfall and many more.


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André Paul Henkel