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mindcurv is one of the early members of the MACH Alliance. Our holistic MACH approach to digital r°evolution has enabled numerous organisations to scale sustainably.

MACH Alliance overview

The MACH Alliance advocates for modern, composable, and headless approaches to building digital experiences. It unites industry leaders committed to driving innovation through Microservices, API-first development, Cloud-native architecture, and Headless content delivery.


How we holistically impact organisations

We have embraced MACH principles for many years now and this has helped us drive innovation and differentiation for our customers. MACH technologies mark a shift away from rigid monoliths to modern composable platforms. Our MACH approach makes it easy for businesses to sustainably drive innovation and build and scale business capabilities for our customers.

  • Creating and managing modular, scalable, and independent business capabilities on customer platforms that drive agility and flexibility in digital solutions.
  • Encouraging organisations to be API-first; prioritising the design and implementation of APIs to ensure adaptability to current and future use cases.
  • Embracing cloud-native technologies for scalable, flexible, and efficient applications, platforms and services.
  • Enabling organisations with the flexibility to deliver content across various channels and devices through a headless approach.
Work – projects we are proud of

The ista Showcase

ista’s EcoTrend
Mobile App

Residents can meet energy saving goals through the EcoTrend mobile & web apps and we are now evolving the platform to include their social environment.

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Into the future with MACH

With the end of support for Magento 1, Schmalz needed an alternative for the online shop - scalable and flexible.

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How to disrupt an industry

Foodl is the Netherlands’ first open food marketplace with transparent pricing. R°evolutionary.

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More r°evolution?

Of course there is much more! You’re very welcome to take a look at what else we have r°evolutionized:


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