B2Xaccelerator for composable platforms build with MACH

What is the mindcurv group’s B2X Accelerator?

R°evolutionise Your Composable Commerce Journey with our B2Xaccelerator

Efficient, cost-effective, and customer-centric digital experiences on commercetools.

Cover up to 70 % of typical B2X use cases with out-of-the-box features

Achieve earlier ROI by launching a feature-rich platform

Reduce time-to-market by 3-6 months

Fast setup of POCs & MVPs 

What is the B2Xaccelerator for commercetools? 

mindcurv's B2Xaccelerator is a collection of pre-built features, integrations, business processes and user stories that help organizations. reduce the effort, cost and time to market for composable commerce platforms based on commercetools. 

It simplifies the composition of best-of-breed technologies for B2C & B2B to deliver an outstanding digital experience to your customers.

  • More than 25 ready-to-use building blocks for complex and unique B2B business models.
  • Extending the core capabilities of commercetools to provide a fast start and reduce risk for even the most extensive commerce projects.
  • A composable frontend delivers an exceptional customer experience for your digital storefront.

25+ ready-to-use and customisable building blocks

Cover even the most complex and unique B2B and B2C business models with our microservices-based components that are easily adaptable to your business needs.


Out of the box integrations for R°evolutionary Digital experiences


Simplify the composition of best-of-breed technologies with seamless integrations for content, search, payment, loyalty, AI tools, CRM, ERP and more.

Our B2Xaccelerator is proven in various industries with complex use cases 


food wholesale

home furnishing

building materials


electronic components


vacuum technology


Composable frontend for  
exceptional customer experiences


Speed up your frontend development with pre-built components based on Tailwind UI/CSS.


Future-Ready with Cloud-native Development

Get started with the cloud of your choice with a setup for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform based on Kubernetes.

our strategic cloud partners

Award Winning partnership with commercetools

mindcurv group is a MACH certified and multiple award-winning commercetools partner since 2019. Our team comprises 100+ experienced and certified commercetools experts, with vast experience of more than 30 complex B2C & B2B composable commerce projects.

Digital Experience Composition 
with our stategic Partners


Strategic Headstart for your Project

In addition to all technical capabilites our B2Xaccelerator comes with a package of +500 user stories and enablers, wireframes, best practices, predefined processes and more to give your project a strategic head start and enable you to own your future. We call it machpack - your composable platform accelerator and mach enablement toolkit.

technical infrastructure setup

preconfigured backend components

pre-built feature extensions

pre-built extensions for composable frontends

out-of-the-box integrations

best practises

complete feature backlog, user journeys and wireframes

full demo store & guided trial



Future-ready, flexible and scalable

BASF has achieved a remarkable digital transformation with mindcurv’s B2X-accelerator.

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Into the future with MACH

With the end of support for Magento 1, Schmalz needed an alternative for the online shop - scalable and flexible.

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Franka Emika

They chose mindcurv as their technology partner to architect, develop and operate a modern commerce solution with a long-term perspective.

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How to disrupt an industry

Foodl is the Netherlands’ first open food marketplace with transparent pricing. R°evolutionary.

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More r°evolution?

Of course there is much more! You’re very welcome to take a look at what else we have r°evolutionized:

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