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Our expertise in 'Digital Product & Brand Design' focuses on creating digital products that generate real business value. This is not only about appealing design but also about the optimal use of the entire technology ecosystem. We create a seamless interplay of various technological capabilities, from UX/UI design to custom front-end frameworks to data-driven decisions. Our goal is to develop products that are aesthetically pleasing and functionally excellent. We always consider how design decisions impact user experience and business KPIs. This results in solutions reinforcing your brand message and succeeding in the marketplace.

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Digital Product Design

  • Digital Experience Design (UX/UI): Intensive exploration of concept visualization and interface design, complemented by custom or market-standard front-end frameworks
  • Design systems: Creation and implementation of structured workflows that make the design process more efficient, including selecting and developing component libraries
  • User-Centricity: Application of user research and testing methods to ensure that the final product meets the target group's needs
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration: networking of designers, developers, and product managers for a holistic product understanding
  • Data integration: integration of analytics tools for continuous performance measurement and optimization of the digital product
  • Scalability & Performance: Design decisions are made with scalability and performance in mind to ensure long-term business success

Brand & Experience Design

  • Brand & Customer Experience Strategy: Brand development, brand story, tone of voice, customer approach, brand behavior, channels & touchpoints
  • Visual Brand Design / Branding: visual brand concept, logo, typography, iconography, visual language and expression, brand interactions

Service Design

  • Digital Experience Design (UX/UI): Information architecture, user journeys, interaction concept, navigation, prototyping
  • Design systems: selection of existing design systems, custom development, documentation, design component libraries, development component libraries

Content & Campaigns

  • Content strategy: content vision, content goals & target groups, content framework (pillars, areas, topics), editorial concept
  • Content production: editorial planning, production planning, approval process, art production, optimisation
  • Content Management: content management concept, technical architecture, editorial and release workflow
  • Campaign & Analytics: campaign planning, campaign execution and control, analytics


Brand relaunch 
after 111 years

Developing a lively brand image - modern, dynamic, recognisable and practicable.

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